Garage Fit Indian Clubs Exercise Clubs - Club Bells - Shoulder Strength - Grip and Forearm Strength - Core Strength - Body Coordination - Muscle Rehab (2 lb Pair NO DVD)

  • Injection molded polypropylene indian clubs
  • Precision weighting
  • Classic striping inspired by vintage club design
  • Suitable for both home and commercial use
  • Rapidly improves strength and endurance

The exercise classic that's being rediscovered! Indian clubs are finding favor with martial artists, swimmers, baseball players, golfers and more. Shoulder strength, flexibility and mobility Exercise clubs build relaxed shoulder strength, conditioning the soft tissues through a wide range of motion to support athletics, weightlifting or everyday life. Shoulder pain? Back Pain? Gone

Indian clubs can help release and mobilize tight shoulders and teach proper movement patterns. Nagging pain, sometimes years old, can disappear, never to return. Core strength We hear a lot about the core these days, but the swinging movements of exercise clubs require you to both produce and resist rotation - the most neglected element of core training. Watch your waist get firm! Cardio, The reaction against the tyranny of the treadmill has seen a lot of us opt for high-intensity training for our cardio. But the aerobic energy system needs to be conditioned too, and Indian clubs are an ideal way to do that while reaping many other benefits. Coordination From athletes to people who just want everyday life to be easier, most of us stand to benefit from better coordination, better movement patterns as you progress with your exercise clubs you'll find your coordination improves, your body feels and moves better. Picking up new movements faster and getting better at the old ones can add pounds to your lifts, yards to your golf swing, or hours to your playtime with the kids.

We offer 1lb, 16 ½ inch clubs and the slightly larger 2lb, 18 ½ inch clubs. No matter your strength, we recommend starting with the lighter clubs. You'll be surprised at the challenge! Indian clubs are a revolutionary new take on an ancient classic. Wood splits, metal rusts. Our clubs are made from injection-molded reinforced polypropylene. They'll stand up to heat and cold, wet or dry, and give you years of run, effective training.

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