FLARUT Kids LED Light Up Shoes Children High Tops Winter Sneakers for Boys Girls School Boots Christmas Party Dancing with USB Charging(Cotton 30,Black)

  • The popular led shoes features a velcro and the synthetic leather upper and a water-resistant and skid-proof rubber out-sole.
  • Wholesome size from US8(Toddler)/EUR25 to US6(Big Kid)/EUR39. Please measure your foot length and choose the correct size in accordance with the size chart below.
  • The shoe has eleven vibrant modes in total, including seven static color modes and four dynamic flashing types.
  • The USB rechargeable port is located right inside the shoe. It takes three hours to charge and it lasts for at least eight hours.You can conveniently charge the shoes with a simple USB charger. One end connects to the charging port inside by the ankle and then you can plug the other end in your laptop, or any other USB socket.
  • Directly press the button below the charging port and you can turn the light on. To turn it off, press the same button and hold it for five seconds. Each time you push the button the color changes.
Size Chart:

foot length 153mm(6")=US8(Toddler)=EUR25

foot length 160mm(6.3")=US8.5(Toddler)=EUR26

foot length 167mm(6.6")=US9.5(Toddler)=EUR27

foot length 174mm(6.9")=US10(Little Kid)=EUR28

foot length 180mm(7.1")=US11(Little Kid)=EUR29

foot length 187mm(7.4")=US11.5(Little Kid)=EUR30

foot length 194mm(7.6")=US12.5(Little Kid)=EUR31

foot length 200mm(7.9")=US13(Little Kid)=EUR32

foot length 207mm(8.1")=US1(Little Kid)=EUR33

foot length 214mm(8.4")=US2(Little Kid)=EUR34

foot length 221mm(8.7")=US3(Big Kid)=EUR35

foot length 228mm(9.0")=US3.5(Big Kid)=EUR36

foot length 234mm(9.2")=US4.5(Big Kid)=EUR37

foot length 241mm(9.5")=US5.5(Big Kid)=EUR38

foot length 248mm(9.8")=US6(Big Kid)=EUR39

Maintenance Notice:

1.After receiving the shoe, if the light dose not work, please charge it for three hours.

2.The led shoe is not waterproof ,so please do not soak it in the water, you could use the soft cloth to wipe and clean it. Besides, please do not wear it in rainy days.

3.Please do not wear it to do some intense sports, or the inner system of led shoe will be broken, which makes the light fail to work. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us .

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